Introducing AF25B, the ultimate RC helicopter airframe in 25 lbs payload class, designed from the ground up as an industrial machine. It features a wet sealed gearbox, a reliable and economical twin cylinder engine, a quiet set of tuned pipes and integrated mounts for attachment of our optional 3 axis camera mount. The AF25B lends itself well as a lift platform, with payload mounted center frame, and also as a front mount cameraship, with minimal counter balance weight. Starting the engine is quick and easy, using our external starter.

With more than five years in service, the AF25B has solidly proven itself in the field, both in manualy flown and autonomous form. We have used only the highest quality components, materials and processes in the manufacture of this airframe. Maintenance is minimal and parts are readily available. Ideal for camera work, research, surveillance, and various other uses. Airframes ship fully assembled, split into four sections. Blades, owner’s manual with parts list and maintenance schedule are included. It takes a technician roughly one hour to put everything together, ready for installation of electronics. Please note there are no electronics included. You will need to add your own radio system, servos, gyros, wiring, batteries, voltage regulator, governor, etc.


Total length w/o blades 70″(1778mm)
Total height 28″(711mm)
Landing gear width 20″(508mm)
Frame width 7.25″(184mm)
Dry weight 35.5 lbs(16.12kg)
Gross weight:(w/25 lbs payload+10 lbs fuel) 66.8 lbs(32.23Kg)
Main rotor disc diameter: 84.5”(2146mm)
Tail rotor disc diameter: 15.875″(403mm)
Gear ratios- Engine/Head/Tail: 6.42/1/4.69
Engine: Twin cylinder, Air cooled
Fuel: Gasoline/oil mix
Fuel capacity: 128 Oz.
Endurance: 50-55 minutes
Drive train: Sealed wet gearbox/ timing belt
Payload capacity: 25 lbs, plus 128 Oz of fuel

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