Welcome to COPTERWORKS, where unmanned helicopters are our passion and specialty.

Small unmanned aerial systems have come a long way and generally, a multi-rotor or hybrid fixed wing/VTOL aircraft, will offer adequate performance for most missions. But there are times when a helicopter is the ideal tool for the job and can outperform both.

With over twenty years of experience in this field, and more units sold than a group of our closest competitors combined, we can offer you an aircraft for the job.


If your mission requirements include VTOL capabilities, carrying more payload with a small craft, plus better performance in the wind, COPTERWORKS can help.

Introducing AF40– our first new helicopter in over five years. Best parts of AF30- improved and combined with higher grade components, including composites- where advantageous. Designed to be more user-friendly than any of our previous models.

Built from ground up as a work machine: engine removable in under ten minutes, maintenance-free aircraft grade metal linkages, heavy duty clutch, dependable updated wet gearbox with hardened steel gears, updated tail section and rotor head, payload attachment points upfront and rear for optimum balance, plus high capacity fuel tanks for nearly two hours of flight.

General specs:

Rotor diameter: 2.13 M
Height: 740MM
Landing gear width: 810MM
Length: 2.68M Main to tail blade-tip to tip
Endurance: 110 Minutes w/10 mins reserve
Engine: 80 cc two stroke
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline/oil mix
Payload: 20 Lbs (Max. at sea level)
Starter: External
Generator: Available as option

Need an electric alternative? Do you have a mission where a gas engine is not allowed, and endurance is not critical? Look no further...

Introducing AF20E - our very first electric helicopter. Built as tough as AF40, and sharing many components. Comparable proportions and payload capacity- without the gas engine.

General specs:

Rotor diameter: 2.13 M
Height: 690MM
Landing gear width: 876MM
Length: 2.62M, main to tail rotor blade tip to tip
Batteries: 2 X 12S LiPo’s
Payload: 18 Lbs
Endurance: 16 minutes w/4 mins of reserve

Contact us for full specs, ordering details, and more images.