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At Copterworks, unmanned aircraft are our specialty and passion. With a history spanning over two decades, we’ve carved a niche as a manufacturer of industrial grade small unmanned aircraft. Our commitment to this mission is evident through our track record of producing and delivering a remarkable number of airframes. We intend to continue this tradition as we’ve done with helicopters, by embarking on an expanded mission, which now includes multirotors.

Introducing Our Latest Creations: D1-X and D2- A Duo Of  Heavy Lift Multirotors

We are thrilled to announce the addition of two heavy lift aircraft to our product lineup: D1-X quadcopter and  D2 coaxial X8 . Proudly MADE IN USA, these unique aircraft are produced side by side with our helicopters, where they embody the core values that define Copterworks products: toughness, simplicity in design, performance, value and innovation with a potent dose of unique identity.

These capable aircraft offer a solution for tasks that demand brute power and precision, in a relatively compact package. Designed to meet challenges that might stretch beyond the capabilities of helicopters, they are ready to fulfill aerial missions- from industrial to cinematic.

Crafted in California: Unmatched Quality, Performance and Value

Each Copterworks product created within our California facility, is meticulously designed, produced, and assembled with careful attention to detail. This not only upholds our stringent quality control standards, but also ensures consistent performance of the product, as intended. As in the past, we continue to pride ourselves in using domestic materials, components and labor to the fullest extent possible, in manufacture of our products.

We also believe that excellence should not come with a hefty price tag. Our products are aggressively priced to be as affordable as possible, without compromising on quality or performance.

Ordering process

To place an order, fill out our “quotation” form, and we’ll respond promptly with a formal quotation, to include shipping charges. Upon your approval and payment through bank wire transfer or US check, we start building your order. Lead times are as listed for each product and we typically ship early.

Our products are made to order, and non-returnable or cancellable.


We ship our products worldwide, typically using FedEx, and fully insured. Your orders are in safe hands, so you can place them with the utmost confidence.

Stay Connected With Copterworks

Copterworks doesn’t rest on its laurels. We’re committed to expanding horizons and pushing boundaries. Our promise to you is an ever-evolving product line that anticipates your requirements and surpasses your expectations.

Witness our progress in real-time by bookmarking our page. We invite you to frequent our website and staying updated on our latest strides.

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