Looking for all the advantages of a helicopter, but unable to use a gas engine, and endurance is not critical? Look no further…

Introducing AF20E – built as tough as the AF40, and sharing many components. Comparable proportions and payload capacity, without the gas engine.

Ships virtually fully assembled as bare airframe. Includes motor and ESC, but no other electronics.

Price: $13,500


Rotor diameter: 2.13 M
Height: 690M
Landing gear width: 876MM
Length: 2.62M Main to tail blade(tip to tip)
Batteries: 2 x 10,900MaH 12S LiPo’s
Payload: 18 Lbs max
Endurance: 16 minutes w/4 mins of reserve
Main gearbox type: steel gears/wet
Tail drive type: timing belt