Elegant, robust and economical to operate. Now available in three models.


AF40- our flagship gasoline powered helicopter is designed from ground up as a workhorse, and intended to be as low-maintenance as possible. With a user-friendly design, low-maintenance requirements  and 2-4 hours of endurance- depending on your choice of engine, it is hard to beat.

As with all our helicopters, the AF40 incorporates our signature sealed main gearbox, which lasts for life of the aircraft, with minimal care. You will never have to worry about wearing out, or breaking our heat-treated steel gears, which are typically plastic in competitors’ airframes, and prone to failure. Similarly, our belt driven tail rotors are robust and trouble-free, with absolutely very little to maintain.

We’ve also incorporated a practical combination of carbon fiber and metal components throughout, producing an airframe which is lightweight, but also durable in long term, heavy use.

As with all our aircraft, AF40 spare parts are readily available and except for rare cases, are in stock and ship within a day.


Feature highlights:

  • Maintenance-free aircraft grade metal linkages throughout.
  • 3CCPM direct-link servo layout, for easy setup and service.
  • Dual sprag clutch autorotation unit.
  • Sealed wet gearbox w/hardened steel gears.
  • Flybarless(FBL) rotorhead.
  • Payload attachment points upfront and rear.
  • Engine mounting system allows quick engine swaps.
  • Large capacity fuel tanks for nearly two hours of flight(base model).
  • Ships virtually fully assembled as bare airframe, without electronics or wiring.
  • Timing belt driven tail rotor.
  • External starter.

Specifications(base model):

  • Rotor diameter: 2.13 M
  • Height: 740MM
  • Landing gear width: 810MM
  • Length: 2.69M Main to tail blade(tip to tip)
  • Endurance: 110 Minutes w/10 mins reserve
  • Engine: 80cc two-stroke
  • Fuel: Unleaded gasoline/oil mix
  • Payload: 20 Lbs (Max. at sea level)

Available in three models, depending on your choice of engine

In addition to the dependable two-cycle 80cc engine in base model, we now offer two four-cycle 125cc engine options, and all run on a mix of gasoline and oil. Larger engine options offer more payload capacity, extended endurance, as well as higher flight ceiling and consistent performance in case of the EFI engine. All three models incorporate flybarless rotorheads and direct-link cyclic servo layout for easy setup and service.

  • Base: 80cc two-cycle, requires external starter unit(sold separately)
  • Upgrade: 125cc four-cycle, with on-board starter/generator unit, offering hybrid boost capability. Good up to 6560 feet above sea level,  endurance of nearly three hours and payload increase to 30 Lbs max.
  • Upgrade Plus: 125cc four-cycle EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection), with on-board starter/generator unit, offering hybrid boost capability. EFI is self-adjusting to up to 19,685 feet above sea level, endurance of nearly four hours and payload capacity of 30 Lbs max.

Price(base model airframe): $16,000

Our helicopter airframes are now optionally available with RTF(ready to fly) electronics packages which include servos, wiring, Pixhawk flight controllers, FPV system and handheld transmitters. Please specify during submission of  your quotation form.

Please contact us for pricing and more details on upgrade models.

Copterworks AF40 Helicopter Rotorhead
Copterworks AF40 unmanned Helicopter Tail Rotor Unit


External starter unit

Price: $425