When constantly dealing with batteries and chargers is unacceptable, and endurance and payload capacity are top priorities, we can help. Consider:

AF40- our flagship gas powered helicopter is hard to beat: with a 2-4 hour endurance- depending on your choice of engine, user-friendly design and low-maintenance requirements.

In addition to the dependable two-cycle 80cc engine in base model, we now offer two additional four-cycle 125cc engine options, for more payload, extended endurance, higher flight ceiling and consistent performance. All models offer new and improved main and tail gearboxes, FBL rotorhead and revised direct-link cyclic servo layout.

Website AF40 Rotorhead
Website AF40 Top diagonal

Designed from ground up as a workhorse, the AF40 offers some of the most sought after features, including:

Maintenance-free aircraft grade metal linkages throughout.
3CCPM direct-link servo layout, for easy setup and service.
Dual sprag clutch autorotation unit.
Wet gearbox w/hardened steel gears.
FBL rotor head.
Payload attachment points upfront and rear.
Engine mounting system allows quick engine swaps.
Large capacity fuel tanks for nearly two hours of flight(base model).
Ships virtually fully assembled as bare airframe, without electronics or wiring.


Available in three versions, depending on your choice of engine:

  • Base: 80cc two-cycle, requires external starter unit(sold separately)
  • Upgrade: 125cc four-cycle, with on-board starter/generator unit, offering hybrid boost capability. Good up to 6560 feet above sea level,  endurance of nearly three hours and payload increase to 30 Lbs max.
  • Upgrade Plus: 125cc four-cycle EFI(Electronic Fuel Injection), with on-board starter/generator unit, offering hybrid boost capability. EFI is self-adjusting to up to 19,685 feet above sea level, endurance of nearly four hours and payload capacity of 30 Lbs max.

Please contact us for pricing and more details.



External starter unit

Price: $425

Specifications(base model):

Rotor diameter: 2.13 M
Height: 740MM
Landing gear width: 810MM
Length: 2.69M Main to tail blade(tip to tip)
Endurance: 110 Minutes w/10 mins reserve
Engine: 80cc two-stroke
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline/oil mix
Payload: 20 Lbs (Max. at sea level)
Main gearbox type: steel gears/wet
Tail drive type: timing belt
Starter: External