A unique, rugged and full-featured quadcopter.

Introducing D1, our first multirotor aircraft. Drawing from our extensive experience with industrial RC helicopters, we’ve produced a unique aircraft- with performance and functionality in mind.

Starting with the frame, which holds a matching pair of Tattu 12S, 16000 MaH Smart Batteries *, internally. This optimal placement allows simultaneous use of top and bottom payload rails and helps improve flight dynamics.

To make D1 as portable as possible, every protruding feature folds, with nothing to detach- allowing this fairly large craft to fit in a surprisingly compact space. For the purpose of movement within the same job site, and assuming all other safety considerations are satisfied, there is no need to remove batteries for placement in a case, either. Folding features include landing gear, GPS unit, motor arms, as well as antennas. A retractable landing gear set is currently in development, and will be available soon.

Moving on to electronics- a set of three compartments provide protection against elements. They are designed to hold the Pixhawk Cube, and specific Mauch PDB’s and BEC’s, which ship installed in every unit. The D1 is also ready for installation of an RFD900 telemetry set(not included).

For propulsion, we picked a motor set with an IPX7 rating- sealed for reliable operation in humidity and harsh environments, coupled with 30″ folding props.

Feature highlights:

  • Folding arms
  • Folding landing gear
  • Internal battery compartment
  • Dual over/under payload rails
  • Sealed electronic enclosures
  • RFD900 telemetry-ready
  • FPV camera
  • Remote ID


Battery requirement: 2 x Tattu 12S 16,000MaH (original or compact) w/AS150U conn.
GTOW: 52 Lbs
Dry Weight: 24.2 Lbs
Max payload using (2)compact batteries: 8.9 Lbs
Max payload using (2)original batteries: 6.7 Lbs
Flight time: 15-30 minutes max
FPV camera: Wide-angle lens
Propeller diameter: 30″
Wingspan: 88.5″ ( diagonally, tip to tip)
Video Inputs: 1 x Micro HDMI

What’s in the box:

  • D1 fully assembled and ready to fly
  • Herelink controller/video transmitter set
  • Pair of compact battery adapter kits
  • Pelican 1730 hard case

What you’ll need to fly:

  • Tattu 12S, 16,000 MaH Smart UAV batteries(2)
  • Charger

* Compact Tattu batteries require our adapter kits for proper fit. Every D1 system ships with a pair of adapters. Additional kits available separately.

Price: $13,250

Lead time is currently 3-4 weeks.

Optional Flight Controllers(replaces Orange Cube):

  • Pixhawk Blue Cube
  • Auterion Skynode

Optional handheld transmitter and receiver Sets(replaces standard Herelink):

  • Herelink Blue
  • Skydroid H16 Pro

Please specify upgrade items in your quote request.

See D1-X  or D2 for heavy lift applications!

Copterworks D1 Quadcopter Right Front ISO- Batteries Partially Out
Copterworks D1 Quadcopter Front View- All Folded
Copterworks D1 Quadcopter Right Side View- Landing Gear Folded
Copterworks D1 Quadcopter Front View- Landing Gear Extended
Copterworks D1 Quadcopter Front Right View ISO- All Folded
Copterworks D1 Quadcopter On a Pelican 1730 Case