Introducing AF30 – capable of lifting 30 lbs(sea level, max), it builds on mature and proven design of its predecessor, the AF25B- produced in large numbers for over a decade.

It features our virtually maintenance-free, sealed wet gearbox, and adds numerous improvements, including:

  • Anodized components
  • Upgraded cooling
  • Upgraded tail assembly
  • Upgraded clutch assembly
  • An increase of 5 lbs in payload capacity, at a total of 30 lbs (max, at sea level)

Available with conventional, or flybarless rotor head.


  • Generator, with dual outlets of up to 12Volts/30Amps each
  • Large capacity fuel tanks for nearly two hours of flight time


Ships virtually fully assembled and includes main and tail rotor blades. Typical lead time is 1-4 weeks, depending on timing and quantity of order.


Total length w/o blades: 68.250”
Height: 31”
Landing gear width: 21.5″
Frame width: 7.25″
Main rotor disc diameter: 84.5”
Tail rotor disc diameter: 15.875″
Engine: Twin cylinder, Air cooled
Fuel: Gasoline/oil mix
Fuel capacity: 128 Oz.
Endurance: 50 minutes w/5 minutes reserve
Drive train: Sealed wet gearbox
Payload capacity: 30 lbs., max, at sea level
Height 31”


Heavy duty external starter. Ships as shown, without a battery.

External electric starter

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